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We service the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area. Feel free to call if you live outside DFW or have any questions.


Handyman Services

     Everyone with a white van or truck calls themselves a handyman these days. Throw a rock and there's a good chance you'll hit one of 'em!  And Google is chock-full of handyman franchises ready to take your money. So what separates Golden Home Improvement from the rest of these guys?

     Experience, for starters. Home improvement is our life's work, not just a sideline. It's not just a franchise opportunity scheme (like Mr. Handyman) for us. There is no on-the-job learning with us. We show up armed with several lifetimes of knowledge and experience. Who would you rather have working on your home - a highly-skilled expert or a guy earning extra cash to get his car out of the impound?

     We are also able to tackle unusual projects or ideas. Want an accent wall made of paper flats ( 3-d squares of embossed paper )? We've done that. Or how about a pocket door made of Japanese shoji screens? Yep, done that as well. And suppose that you want two sliding doors, whether barn doors or modern, and you want them to meet neatly in the middle? We've done a few of those. We know all of the tricks to keep them rolling smooth and level.

    Most "handymen" have a limited skill set. You know the whole "Jack of all trades, master of none" thing? That's not us! Be it drywall, plumbing, painting, carpentry, or tiling - we always try to be better than the competition. We are bona fide students of solid building techniques.  And we will always look out for our customer's interests and well-being! How many other handymen can say that?

     In conclusion, we're not like the contractors that you've encountered before. We actually enjoy building things and working with our hands. This is not just a side job while we play keyboards in a band at night! We take the time to research building methods and understanding the materials that we use. We like to know why and how things work. And we've been constantly refining and evolving our methods over the past 25 years. Why would you trust your home with anyone else?