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We service the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area. Feel free to call if you live outside DFW or have any questions.

Painting and Faux Finishes

    Ah, painting. A job that ceases to be fun after the first few hours! It's a job that is almost 80% prep work. And it's a job that, if not done correctly, will make you wish that you hadn't scrimped on your painter!

    Over the years, we've seen a lot of sloppy paint crews. Some will to try to get away with only one coat. Others like to use cheap paint or water down a perfectly good can of paint. And who's worse than the guy that forgets to put down tarps and plastic before they begin painting?


     Please keep in mind that we are neither a large or fully-staffed painting company. If you're looking to have your entire house painted in a short time period, it's best to call one of those companies. But that doesn't mean that we can't paint a few rooms or do an amazing faux finish for you!

    When painting in your house, we follow the Golden Rule - we'll treat your home as we would want ours to be treated! Our main  concern is to keep your floors and furniture clean. For instance, we like to use scaffolds instead of rickety-old wooden extension ladders. It may take longer, but it sure beats dropping a gallon of paint from 15 feet up!

    Painting is a messy business. that's why we take the extra time to put down tarps and plastic to protect your floors and furniture.

After all, it's easier to do this than replace your stuff, right?

     One of the things that separates us from the big handyman "franchises" are our skills in painting and custom wall textures. Let's see their "technicians" pull off some of these custom finishes!

custom wall finish texture

A cement-based wall finish.  The color is part of the texture!

Wall Flats

Paper "flats" installed on a wall

faux leather crinkle finish

distressed leather or elephant skin? You be the judge!