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About Us

About Us

     Drywall has always been the family's business. I am the third generation to be in the drywall trade. I worked my way through college by hanging drywall. After college, I worked briefly as a scientist. I soon grew tired of being in a lab and decided to return to the construction trade. By this time, the company had shifted focus to drywall repair and custom textures under the name Drywall Repair Specialists. We're still one of the top-rated companies on Angie's List where we have collected over 300 reviews! See our Angie's List reviews if you wish to read more.

     After many years of honing our skills in drywall repairs and custom textures, we then began to branch out into other areas - painting, carpentry, plumbing, tile, etc. Not content at being "passable" at these tasks, I studied books, attended workshops and seminars, and apprenticed under some of the best tradesmen in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. I really do believe that to be an expert at something, you have to put in your 10,000 hours!

     We have remained a small operation for several reasons. One is to ensure quality results. No one is "punching a clock" here! We believe in doing things the right way instead of the quick way. Furthermore, there are no middlemen to deal with. This means that you can expect personalized, one-on-one service. I like to think that we are also very honest and trustworthy. We will treat you and your home with respect.

     As a result of our positive work ethic, we have earned a very positive reputation. Our business has been built mostly on referrals instead of advertising. We haven't even had a proper website until 2016! If we have managed to stay busy for over 20 years by word of mouth, we must be doing something right. Don't you agree?

     If you've had a bad experience with a sub-par contractor (and who hasn't?) give us a try! If you are the type of person that respects a job well done instead of the lowest possible price, give us a call. You wont be sorry! Read more about the remodeling industry in our blog.

     For starters, we are a small, private company of no more than three people, ever. This allows us to work closely with the homeowner. We also have very little overhead. There is no franchise fee to cover. There are no office workers to pay. This allows Golden Home Improvement to provide you with highly-skilled labor at very competitive prices. For example, one of the nation-wide handyman franchises charges up to 40% more than we do per hour!

    We charge by a simple time and materials basis. Or more simply, on an hourly rate. An hourly rate can actually save you money. Here's how. You see, every decent contractor knows what an hour of his or her time is worth. Don't you? When they gives you an estimate, it is the number of hours that they think it will require plus an extra amount (usually half of the estimated time) to cover any unforeseen problems that always pop up. The larger and more complex a job becomes, the larger this "safety cushion" becomes. And even if this cushion isn't needed, you can be assured that the contractor will still keep it in your final cost. Even the most experienced contractors have trouble pinpointing exactly how long a large project will take to complete. The less scrupulous ones will usually resort to cutting corners in order to come in on time and/or on budget. We don't like to operate like that!

     When you call us, we show up ready to work! You are paying us for our labor, not to take several extended breaks per day like other guys do. You've probably encountered these "time wasters" before - three guys show up but only one seems to do anything. Or the guy who shows up without the correct tools and/or supplies. And what about the guy who takes a two-hour lunch break? That's just a waste of everyone's time. I would rather finish a job quickly and go on to the next one rather than taking that extended lunch break!

    If you've read this far, you probably realize that reputation is very important to us. Our primary concern is to do our jobs in a professional manner. We rely on good word of mouth and repeat customers rather than a huge advertising campaign like the big franchises do. Give us a try -  you might become one of our ever-growing number of loyal customers!


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