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Custom Shower Rebuild

     This walk-in shower had recently been remodeled by another company. Over time, the owners began to notice some problems  with it and called us out to inspect it. We soon found that the whole shower had been constructed so poorly that it would rot from the floor upwards within a year's time. The owners decided not to wait for that to happen. So they hired us to tear it all down to the studs in order to rebuild it the right way.

     The demo phase revealed many serious problems. The shower pan had been constructed incorrectly. The wrong type of grout had been used. Even the shower curb was wrong! And to make things worse, no caulking had been used anywhere. Water was therefore able to collect at the bottom of the pan and never drain properly.

     We rebuilt the shower the correct way with the best modern materials. A Kerdi shower pan system was used to ensure a water-proof foundation. Mapei's new quartz-based grout was chosen for it's longevity and water resistance. Brushed nickel trim provided the finishing touch and matched the existing door and faucet hardware perfectly. The homeowners finally had the shower that they originally paid for!

     This project serves to demonstrate just how important it is to hire someone who knows how to build a shower the right way. An unskilled remodelor will end up costing you much more in the long run - unless you don't mind paying for the same shower twice!

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