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Drywall Repairs & Texturing

     This is what sets us apart from all of the other painters and handymen in DFW. After all, our original name was Drywall Repair Specialists. We've amassed several lifetimes of experience in all things related to drywall. Here's what we can do for you...

Patching holes in walls or ceilings - Sure, any painter can patch a hole in a wall or ceiling, but it takes skill to make it look good! We've been doing this day in,day out for decades! We take the time to make your patch look as seamless as possible. And we'll make it stronger than it was before. Trust me, we know a few special tricks that the other guys don't! Keep in mind that even the best patch in the world is still just a patch - if you want it to be completely unnoticeable we might have to do extensive re-texturing of your wall/ceiling!

Crack repairs -  the lesser-skilled guys love to just slap some tape and mud over existing drywall cracks. This just ensures that the cracks will soon reappear! Unlike other handyman services and painters, we know a few secrets about drywall cracks and how to fix them. We will use the best, time-tested methods and materials to ensure that our repairs will last as long as possible!

Acoustic (popcorn) ceiling removal - Nothing dates a house more than dingy old popcorn ceilings! Acoustic texture may have the advantages of being cheap, easy to patch, and being able to hide ceiling imperfections. But it doesn't offer much in the looks department. Usually, it's fairly easy to remove - providing that it wasn't mixed with paint. It's still a messy, labor-intensive endeavor. We'll do what it takes to keep the dust to a minimum.

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Drywall textures - Being drywall specialists also means that we are experts at matching your existing texture. Knockdown, crow's foot, orange peel, you name it -  we can match it. We also know all of the secrets of the ever-elusive Level 5 Finish ( industry jargon for ultra flat ). We also excel at creating new and unique textures. Want your walls to look weathered, like an old French chateau? Or how about something modern, such as paper wall flats? We can do it. Have something special in mind? Just ask!