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Drywall Repairs & Texturing

dallas drywall crack repair

Here in North Texas, every house is susceptible to cracking. Cracking can be caused by our high-clay soil, wood framing, or even poor building practices. Luckily for you, we are experts at repairing drywall cracks! We want your patch to be as unnoticeable as possible!

drywall taping bedding

Most handyman and painters will just slap a length of mesh tape on a crack and texture over it. The problem with this is that the repair doesn't really bond to the wall texture and paint, resulting in a new crack on top of the old crack. We will grind down the texture to the bare drywall using a vacuum sander. We then apply mesh tape and fast-setting joint compound before texturing. This method takes a little longer, but resists re-cracking much better!

dallas drywall hole patching
dallas drywall textures texturing

We use the same process to fix large holes. The hole is squared and wood backing is installed to make the patch as solid as possible. Then the edges are sanded down to bare drywall. New drywall can now be installed, taped, and bedded in. It is important to make the resulting patch as smooth and flat as possible before texturing. This is what separates a good patch from a bad one. We see and fix a lot of bad ones!

We are experts at applying or matching drywall textures - orange peel, knockdown, crow's foot, or anything else you may have. After all, it's been the family business for three generations!  And no, good texture doesn't come in a spray can.

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